Art, because it's timeless and universal, transcends individual lives, which are time-bound and contingent.




Comfortability and warmth are the heart and soul of my fabric creations. I create clothing and accessories that remain bold and bright on a dreary winters day or cozy on a brisk summers night. All fabrics are upcycled from antique clothing or ethically sourced from culturally rich locations.

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I dable in all forms of art; painting, drawing, sculpture, but printmaking is my main love. Common themes I depict are portraiture, landscape, architecture and still life. I like to use strong linear texture and bold contrast to bring my pictures alive.



Upcycling is a concept I try to uphold throughout all aspects of life. It is primarily apparent in my accessory line. Whether it be vintage Canadian penny coins or recycled glass beads, most of the material I use are from pre loved items. I believe in giving objects the longest life they can have. 

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