Organizing photos

It’s JETS season baby!

It’s JETS season baby!


So i have been having something weigh heavy on my mind lately and instead of dealing with it, i’ve been burrying my head trying to will it go away. Do you ever do that? Something that is so intimidating, that you have no clue how to solve it so you just completely ignore it? It’s something silly actually and I feel silly actually even making a big deal over it. Hence my dilemma!

I CAN NOT for the live of me get control of my photos. I feel like the last year and half have been very busy for me with either its new and exciting art stuff or big, awesome trips! I have loads and loads of amzing photos from amazing places that I traveled to the past couple years. I get alot of anxiety thinking about trying to move these precious photos to my external hard drive or some other safe place. I also have been taking THOUSANDS of screen shots of things that have been inspiring me. Art, movements, faces, recipes, you name it, i’ve got it! I want these to be ready available to paruse when needed and I just dont know where to put them!

When I was 16, I had alreadu hadthe fortune of travelling to some truly, fantastic places. I had tons of photos and was too young and niave to store them in a safe place other than loud and clear on the family computer. My father, in his efforts to ‘clean up’ the computer and make it run faster, had accidently deleted all my photos and music. over 2000 pictures and who knows how many painstakingly napster downloaded singles. Ever since then, I have been terrified to delete a single photo from anything! I have copies on my phone, computer, google drive, one drive and external hard drive. It has come to the point that I have no clue of what is on what and it is driving me crazy.

Well I have officially run out of room on my phone AND google photos (yah I know, I didn’t know that was possible!). I just took a photoshoot of new prints I made in december and I need to find room on both in order to share them with the world. That means I need to delete things! I just don’t know where to start, so I guess I decided to make this blog before having to deal with it! Master of deflection I am.

Well I guess i just wanted to share my frustration. The struggle is real and I hope some day soon there will be a robot that could just do this all for me!

Wish me luck!