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Hannah Guthrie is a professional artist who specializes in landscape and architecture intaglio prints. Other common themes in her work include portraiture, vertigo, contrasting techniques and culture deconstruction. Along with printmaking, she also practices painting, drawing and crafting. She is an exhibiting member of Martha Street Studio and Mentoring Artists For Women’s Art of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Definitely Superior Art Gallery of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Travel, culture, activism, and a love for traditional print occupy her time. In 2011 Hannah completed her BFA at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. As a prominent printmaker, Hannah was honoured to teach numerous classes of printmaking at Lakehead University for two consecutive years.

She currently lives and works in Winnipeg. With her spare time, she tries to spend it immersed in nature and taking in the beauty of many diverse landscapes. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, she is proud to be Canadian and all it has to offer. Travelling often, it's always good to return home.